Welcome to ClairelyHappy!

If to be an artist is to believe in life, as Henry Moore said, I would like to expound on that tenet through my art, which I call ClairelyHappy.

From here on, I will be posting about my art, such as clothing designs, handicrafts, accessories; events, food and travel stories, etc.- all sprinkled with my signature “happy” touch, which I feel is my innate voice in this world.

I’d really appreciate it if you could subscribe to my blog, follow, and share my stories, as I endeavor to grow my readership. In a way, by doing that, means spreading light in a world constantly beset with challenges.

Isn’t that the meaning of art itself? Isn’t it wonderful how art shelters us from an increasingly dismal graying life with colors from within?

Photo Credits: clairelyhappy

Fort San Pedro, Cebu City Philippines

My name is Claire C. Fiel, and I just can’t help being a Clairely Happy person. I believe that is God’s perennial gift to me. Please allow me to share it forward through my blog.

Thank you!

Photo Credits: clairelyhappy


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