Travelogue: Mactan Island

The best way to reach downtown Cebu from Mactan Island where we live I suppose is by ferry boat. Sailing earlier in the day I leaned on the rail to watch automobiles stuck in traffic mid-way on the bridge. I was glad I didn’t take the road out, and chose to travel about in open air with a view. Cebu, Cebu, la la la la la la Cebu… the Cebu song played blithely, audible only in my head.

Photo Credits: Mark F. Villanueva/ clairelyhappy

On board Metro Ferry M/V Princess

I’m not very good around people; only people who don’t know I’m around, I am pleased with. I tried to examine them one by one, of all walks of life, and wondered about my place in this world. An old man looks at me, but doesn’t really see me, and I could feel my fingers inside my right pocket tracing the heavy lines of his forehead, feeling the roughness of his sun-burnt skin, endeavoring to transition it to oil paint on canvas.

I wondered where his name could be in the passenger’s list. He looked like a Fernando or Roberto to me. But what does that mean? What does it say about me?

The trip to the metropolis takes considerably less time than by being on the road, and it gives your mind more room to think and explore more than your eyes could actually see.

Photo Credits: clairelyhappy

Cebu City Skyline

 I like to think of things to draw whenever I take the ferry. I searched the industrial grounds, the skyscrapers up ahead, mountains like stretched cloth inspire my imagination.

Photo Credits: clairelyhappy


What are you staring down at the sea for? I asked Mark. He said he was thirsty. He remembers a beach in Mindanao, the lime green of it, the bubbly break of the waves in the wake of the boat and said, “It makes me thirsty all right. It looks like sweet champagne.”

Photo Credits: Mark F. Villanueva/ clairelyhappy

Ave Maria Beach Resort, Surigao del Sur Philippines

The Ave Maria Beach Resort is the first island we docked at after the Enchanted River in Surigao Del Sur.

Photo Credits: clairelyhappy

La Vie Parisienne, Lahug Cebu City

We ended up at the La Vie Parisienne  that night, where we had a bottle of wine with cold cuts and blue cheese to go with it.

Photo Credits: clairelyhappy



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