After considerable delay due to regular rainfall I finally got to finish my work, starting earlier in the morning than usual for a couple of days. When I woke without the pattering sound of the rain I quickly headed outside to set things up for a long day of work.

Photo Credits: Mark F. Villanueva/ clairelyhappy

The artist (Claire C. Fiel) outside the house finishing her work.

The sun was up gazing friendly rays, filtered by the leaves of the trees where I started painting right underneath. A few steps behind me, Mark was working by the window, probably well into his first thousand words.

The day was young, and I envisioned an owl in the wee hours of dawn out there somewhere. I looked around the surrounding woods, and imagined where it ought to be with the background foliage.

Oh! I’d like to be like you dear owl. But it’s mighty unfair that people hold a doleful impression of you. If given a single supernatural power I’d pick yours, no doubt, I thought. You’re owl-mazing, see. Yes siree!

There you go, I thought, as I dabbed some summer colors to make her a happy tubby creature. You sure like to eat, just like me- us, your creators- I mumbled. The atmosphere was cold, the air sharp in my nose.

I like you, owl, because you see things we don’t. You are wise and mysterious, now please allow me to make you cute, and it’ll all be perfect, you’ll see. I want to be a bit like you. Your clairvoyance draws me near you.

Too bad most people think you’re sad and alone at night when you coo. Nope, not anymore. I’ll make you happy, colorful as the days we spent last summer. Do you want me to name you Summer? Now here’s a bit of orange for that feathery feet with a body hued like cocktail.

You’re the happiest owl in the world I know, Summer. Happy just like us. Just like how Mark feels after he finishes his coffee.

Photo Credits: clairelyhappy

Materials used

One of the reasons I was excited to do my sketch work- to use the Smiggle pencils! Thanks to my high school friend and classmate Russel Tomboc-Aumento for giving me a huge box of them and color pens from Australia. Now unto the next step: playing with colors on the mixing plate to achieve the best shade in mind.

Photo Credits: clairelyhappy

Canvass Tote Bag with a pencil sketch I have drawn over.

Photo Credits: clairelyhappy

Started painting using textile paint to the Canvass Tote Bag. Pausing in between to think of colors to jive in.

Photo Credits: clairelyhappy

My finished project. Hand-painted Canvass Tote Bag. I would have finished it much earlier, but wasn’t able to under unfavorable weather. My ideas are finally actualized on my bag.

Photo Credits: clairelyhappy

Hand-painted Canvass Tote Bag.

Photo Credits: clairelyhappy

Owl-mazing! Finally enjoying some sunshine in the woods right outside our home. Hey there little fellas!

Finally finished my first two artworks, but this is just the start for us. I hope you will re-visit ClairelyHappy for my next projects.

Thank you.


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