Photo Credits: clairelyhappy

Happy Arts Charms Crowd in Cebu

Hours were like days and it took a little while before the go-signal came. But when it finally did we were more than pleased. Our dear friend, Ms. Shirlyn Go had paved the way for us to join the event and our products have been positively reviewed. We thank Mr. Hendri Go for the opportunity to showcase what we are all about, amongst the best artists in Cebu and Manila at the Ayala Mall Cebu.

Photo Credits: clairelyhappy

At our booth.

The response from the audience was heartwarming. We had forgotten how for a week prior we had not enough sleep, caught up in the mix of designing, sewing, painting and all, in preparation for the Cebu Literary Festival x Komiket. All that never occurred to us during the event itself, and we were as fresh as daisies around an arbor in a beautiful sunny day- if only for the sight of a child hugging our owls, flashing what must be the brightest smile in the world. We are thoroughly inspired!

Photo Credits: clairelyhappy

Quick snap with Mark while setting up our booth.

We are grateful for the chance, which we view as an opportunity to enlighten someone’s day. We reach out to people regardless of age through our articles of happiness, bundles of artworks, like gentle taps on the shoulder that are enough, we pray, to warm a person’s heart and brave the day. It is our hope that our products, which are made with great attention to detail, with unwavering love and passion for the crafts, shall continue to spread good cheer to your homes and in days moving forward.